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This weekend my lovely sister and best friend graduated from college with her Associate's degree. It doesn't seem possible that my L cakes is grown up into a truly lovely and delightfully quirky woman. I mean seriously, she is just gorgeous!  There is a 13 year age difference between us so she was itty bitty and toddling when I was in high school. She was also learning to talk. One of the FUNNIEST games she would play was the game of threes. We would drive home from church and she would say stuff like, "trees, trucks and bananas." Oh ok! When a two year old is saying it, it is super cute. We loved encouraging her as older sibs would and at times it would bug our mom. (Even better). So in honor of my newly educated random sis, I present mine. Tulips, trains and naked feet. 

TULIPS: I love tulips. Like a lot. They are a sign of winter being over and when they finally make their debut it means we are almost done with dreary lameass winter. They are an interesting creature too. They are a bulb flower and have to be planted by October. If they aren't in the ground before snow hits then it isn't going to work. They have to sit there and they can withstand it allllllllll winter long. The other funny thing is how finicky they are about weather. First sign of frost and good bye. But I guess they can be that way after being cooped up in the dirt all winter. And the last funny thing is they keep growing even after they are cut. And a LOT! I've bought tulips for myself over the years and they literally go completely crazy with growth within a few days. I guess you could say I relate to them. But then that makes me sound crazy because I relate to flowers and maybe talk to a wooden spoon in my spare time. Anyway.... 

TRAINS: No I am not the female version of Sheldon Cooper from the CBS hit series, "The Big Bang Theory." I grew up in a town that was along the Burlington Northern train route in Southeastern Montana. We heard the train going through town at ALL hours of the night and day. It is truly a sound of home. I will never forget the first night away at college in Virginia when my mom and I sat on the porch and heard the train. I looked at her and said, "now I will be ok." So it only makes sense that I've landed in the town of trains as my home sweet home. Ogden is a railroad town to the core and still has a very thriving and functioning rail system. And I LOVE it. And my favorite place to be in Ogden is the gorgeous Union Station building. It is JUST magical. I can stand in the main lobby and imagine the history that has taken place. In the early days of Ogden you couldn't get anywhere via rail without passing through Ogden. Last week I had lunch at the restaurant located in Union Station called Union Grill. Before I left I snapped some photos. And they were the kind that I basically was standing on my head to get a cool edgy angle and then it happened. Magic. Just plain magic. And tulips. Hot. Pink. Tulips. 

I am also pleased to report that I was featured by two different Instagram feeds for my photos of Union Station that day. So thank you very much @wowutah and @ogdenonly for in a roundabout way recognizing a girl's love for trains and this incredible community landmark.

NAKED FEET: I hate socks. And I love showing off my cute tootsies. And I hate laundry. That is all. The end. 

The moral of the story: we can relate to anything and be random and still find such sentimental value in things like trains to keep a piece of home alive in our heart. Annnnd life is always always always better in flip flops. Always.

Until next time my lovelies. 

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