Do you ever feel like your biggest battle in life is with time? I know I do. I think as women we are inherently wired to be clock watchers and time keepers. Sleep schedules, feeding time, body clocks, work schedules, church schedules, that time of the month or how far away it is or isn't. I know that God is in my details and in all our details but sometimes I just wish I could stop time in those good euphoric moments and break out my magic wand in those "what the hell just happened" moments.  Enjoying the simple moments is what it's all about because there are way more of those than anything else and that's what I/we need to hold on to for dear life.

Those are words I wrote a couple months ago along with the above picture on my Instagram. I have had a seriously rough year professionally but have been quite blessed personally. That is a TOUGH situation to be in because I am a one-lady show and if the fundage isn't there I don't survive. I have to dig deep every single day to stay motivated and full of faith to show up. I hate it. I want to be successful according to their terms so I can continue my happy life in the 'hood. I have no clue where God will put me next but I will bloom where I am planted. I hate timing. Hate. Hate. Hate. Because if I had my way I would be in a tshirt and jeans with my rockin messy bun and loving on kids with too much homework and messy faces. But that's not my mission just yet. We all have a purpose, we all have a chapter..

The moral of the story: God is in the details. And I've got to trust it will all be ok. Damn it. That's too hard some days. 

Until next time, my lovelies.



  1. I love this! And of course we are in the same boat waiting where we've been placed for whatever is coming next. In some ways it's frustrating and in others it's very comforting. And, when it gets evil, there are always chicken balls.

  2. Blergh. Timing. That is all.