Shit storms happen. Your sunshine will come.

One of the agricultural phenomenon that I have never understood is the practice of using animal feces, specifically the cow kind, as fertilizer.  Science has never been my strong suit so this isn't a lesson in the mechanics of this practice as a good thing. However, it IS an opportunity to share with you what I have learned in the thick of some of the shit storms of life.

Over the years I have had some days of fog and sadness. We all have! But it isn't until I'm in the land of sunshine again that I realize how incredibly blessed I am during the fog. Here are a few practices that helped me wade through it all.

1. Service. No matter how bad it EVER EVER EVER gets there is always someone who has it worse than us. If you don't believe me, call your local funeral parlor or the homeless shelter. During this last fog of mine I really jumped into service as a healing method. And the beauty of it is now I am on the Board for this organization and it continues to enrich my life. 

2. Journalling. This is a survival tactic I learned to love during therapy and ever since then my brain goes into organization mode as soon as pen hits paper and the healing transpires.  Most recently I have added art time to my journalling and I create word art of inspirational sayings that come to mind as I am writing. Art therapy at its finest. 

3. Inspirational reading material. Whether you're religious or not, finding reading material to inspire and lift you (scripture or otherwise) is critical. My favorite read is "The Art of Happiness" by The Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, MD.  It is deep, but it is amazing.  The best way to describe it is a compilation of western medicine and eastern religion and how we can learn from both. It was life changing for me, especially working through mourning. 

4. Kid time. I am very blessed to have little people (aka cousins) that live close to me and love coming to play at my house and I theirs.  Many an impromptu trip to see these cute people to play trucks and blocks and watch movies and be showered with kisses and hugs.  

5. Music. In November I plan on doing an entire blog about this so I won't give away too much. But, I will say this.... My go-to bad day music may not be what you expect! But it does exist and it is glorious. My current vehicle has a great sound system so I've spent a lot of time driving and singing like a diva. 

Obviously this is a small snapshot of very difficult times of life.  The most difficult task when we are in the fog is trusting that what's in front of us is going to be a good thing and that when we are close enough to something good we will be able to see it.  And just like actual fog, some is thicker than others and even headlights don't help us get through and we have to take it slow until it eventually lifts.  As the days get shorter and the air is cooler I have a looming nervousness in the back of my mind because I know the struggle that the winter months bring for me. But, the more coping strategies I add to my life, the better I become.  And let me be clear that it doesn't make it go away completely. But, it does help me see past the shit feeling and get to work.  And the sunshine ALWAYS comes out after the storm. It has to! That's the way God created it. 

The moral of the story: there ARE silver linings in every storm, even if that storm smells a little icky. 

Until next time, my lovelies!


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