Be The Change.

February is here!  Is it just me or did January FLY by?  I have been anxiously waiting to have the next set of fashion features that resulted from my 2nd photo shoot with Kel-Z Photography.  When Kelsey and I had our shoot in the fall we both agreed that we needed to do something in the winter that included getting creative with snow.  I hate winter due to really bad seasonal blues and I wanted something that was going to be FUN and focus on color!  Yes!  COLOR!  I am a lover of color in fashion and I wanted to share with you some of the methods to my madness.  So, here we go!  Enjoy and don't be afraid to try something new this week as you figure out what to wear.

There are a few things you should know about my style.  First, I don't stick to the norms and trends.  I choose articles of clothing that will stand the test of time and look awesome with lots of different things.  I have a standing rule that if I can't think of 5 outfits to make with an article while I'm looking at it in the store, I don't purchase it.  When I first met my darling friend, D'Arcy at
Chic Style, I told her this rule and somehow .... maybe mysteriously.... maybe not, she always seems to have just the right things for me to try on.  The skirt in this photo is from her store and is a wonderful brand called T Party.  Oh, it is heavenly and comfortable.  This skirt jumped out at me because it was different and soft.  I'm also a big fan of mixed mediums; meaning different fabrics coupled together.  It didn't hurt that there were only two left in the store and they were both my size.  Again, somehow this manages to happen often which is why a good hearty chunk of my closet is from Chic

The next thing I want to talk about is sales rack shopping, specifically at Macy*s.  If you follow my Instagram feed you know that I LOVE Macy*s (even their bathroom)  and visit there from time-to-time just to peruse the sales racks.  

The sales racks at Macy*s are glorious.  They are organized by size and brand and sometimes even color.  I often have a Monica Gellar OCD geek moment because I can go right to where I need to go and find total awesomeness at a deep discount.  Here's my bit of wisdom for you: If I can buy it on sale at Macy*s for less than full price at Target, I will DO IT every damn time.  Why NOT????  I know I'm going to get a better fabric quality and just look better.  It's a win/win situation.  The mint top of this outfit was just such a scenario....I was iffy on the shape of the top, but it was like 10 bucks on sale this summer so I picked it up.  It is a favorite now and looked incredible with this skirt and jacket.

The jacket is from The Loft and is old, old and old.  But!  It's timeless so it doesn't matter what year I bought it because it still looks good.  The shoes are a delightful thrifting find from Deseret Industries a.k.a. the Goodwill of Utah.  I heart them very much and I sacrificed my toes to wear them and hike in them in the snow to capture just right shot with the winding road behind us.....I will refrain from breaking out in a Beatles tune right about now.

I will STILL refrain from breaking out in a Beatles tune right about now. . . You're welcome.....
I will STILL refrain from breaking out in a Beatles tune right about now. . . You're welcome.....
Last, but definitely not least, we need to talk about the jewelry....but mostly the bracelet.  This piece is handmade by my friend, Erin, at her store The Girl Ran Away With The Spoon which is located in my hometown, Miles City, Montana.  It's one of the very first pieces I purchased from her and I wear it ALL THE TIME.  I love jewelry with words.  My brain needs nearly constant reminders that I'm going to be ok and that life is going to be ok.  When I found this bracelet I bought it because this is one of my life mantras.  Be. The. Change.  Be the force for good in someones life and in turn change your own life.  I've deeply struggled with some heartache over the years and my healer has always been serving others.  I want to do good and be the sunshine for others and change their path.  That comes with some of its own side effects and quite often I forget to think of myself first and I don't tell people when I need to be cared for.  I'm feeling that a lot right now with some specific situations in my life, but I carry on being the change in other people's lives because I know it's crucial.  I had a big event this week and was elected to be the Vice-President of the Friends Board for the Weber-Morgan Children's Justice Center.  So excited and honored!  If you recall I am a total mamma bear and I have loved serving this organization thoroughly for a couple of years.  We are shifting the thinking and philosophies for making people aware of our cause and it's both fun and nerving at times, but we are the change and I LOVE it.
I know that it's really hard to embrace change and even more challenging to recognize aspects of our life that need to be changed and follow through with it.  I've had some moments in the last couple of weeks that I asked myself, "Why?"  "Why am I still living here, why am I holding out for this, this and this and why am I sad about it, but so happy about other things?"  I don't know the answers, but I do know that when I have on a cute outfit and the desire to be the change deep in my heart, I can accomplish anything.  I might skin my knees and shed a few tears, but I am stronger for it and am helping change the world, one thing at a time.
The moral of the story:  Sometimes the winding road has bumps and causes us to stumble, but with a cute outfit full of color and randomness and a desire to be the change we can accomplish anything.
Until next time, my lovelies!  Next week is pattern avec pattern!  Yippee!!!!
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  1. Beautiful! Love the pics. She really is a fantastic photographer...maybe some new author pics?

  2. Love the style down there in Ogden! (Down, cause I'm up in Idaho)! Great pictures, fashion and post.

    1. Thank you Charli! It's lots of fun in Ogden! Come visit any time. :)

  3. Awesome pics! Love your style :)