Once In His Life.

Lucille Ball has been quoted as saying, "once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead."  In the wake of that one holiday this week, I decided to debut the winter hair pictures from my photo shoot with Kel-Z Photography and talk about the reality of loving a redhead.

Before I wax eloquent I have to fill you in on the hilarity that goes on to make these pictures just right.  If you recall from my fall shoot, the hair picture was our VERY last photo and just kind of happened and was perfect.  I decided that I wanted the winter version to be a stark contrast piece because we would be in snow.  I found the scarf at Sears on a killer sale during the holidays and it was perfect because it had some pattern and sheen, but wasn't old lady or crazy (because that matters).  The other element I wanted was red lips.  It's only been in the last two years that I've been brave enough to sport red lipstick in public and rock it like a boss.  I credit it to a certain man who shall remain nameless.  This photo was the very last shot again because it included laying in snow and freezing for a good cause.  We laughed and laughed when we got up from taking the photo and my head print was in the snow as well as bum....so we took a photo.  You can really only see my head  print so we put in a little prop to show what you were looking at.

Ok, let's get down to falling in love with a redhead....this one in particular.....

A few years ago my family engaged in a Top Ten quirks email that was so dang funny.  To this day I wish I would have saved it because it was really obvious that my siblings found spouses that were very well suited for them.  It's been interesting to get to know my brother-in-law and see the reasons why he is SO GOOD for my sister.  His sense of humor and go-with-the-flow attitude are at the top of the list of things that we love so much about him and are common denominators that are very good for the women in our family.  We are a bunch of strong-willed hotheads at times and having a man by our side who is chill and funny is critical.

So what does this Lucy need in her Ricky?  Read on, my lovelies.....I'm spewing my weaknesses...or my endearing qualities...however you look at it. 
  • I am fiercely passionate about causes, especially those that involve children.  I am a true oldest child and I take charge and get shit done, especially when it involves kids who can't help themselves. 
  • For all my OCD tendencies in the workplace, I am that much blah at home.  That means...when I was a teller my money had to all face the same direction (still does if someone gives me cash), but if the laundry doesn't get folded for WEEKS I am not stressed about it. 
  • I am a hippie at heart and want everyone to get along, but you cross me and you best put on your big boy britches and run for the hills.  I have a good solid bitch card and I know when to use it. 
  • I cry every single stinking time I watch the movie Rudy.  My heart still jumps at the anticipation that he might not get to play in the last game of his senior year at Notre Dame and I melt when the team gives up their jerseys so he has a chance to play. 
    • A sub-point to this story---I love the movie and story so much that when I was a kid it was my dream to attend Notre Dame.  My mother wasn't too keen on that because Mormon kids don't go to Notre Dame.  To which I said, then why do Catholic kids go to BYU?  I attended neither school and I still cry when they sing the fight song. 
  • I am probably more of a feminist that I like to admit, but probably not.  It drives me CrAzY when people treat me like a stupid girl or expect me to not know something because I have a uterus buried in there somewhere.  However, I MELT and LOVE it when a man waits for me and holds the door open for me.  Mutual respect is the name of the game so I will treat you like a normal human being and you do the same.  xoxo
  • I come from a geeky musical redneck patriotic mouthy (ok maybe just my sister and I fit this description) Mormon family.  If that bothers you then keep on looking for Barbie with a testimony because this girl ain't none of that.  I am who I am and I rather enjoy a lad who brings some depth to our family mix.  A lot actually. 
  • Talk smack about my siblings or my nephews and I will unleash.  Period.  We are awesome people. 
  • My relationship with God is one that has evolved into a deeply personal and very real deal.  I have experienced some tragic and trying times in my life and I know that the way I am living my life is how I need to be living it.  I know that for some there are some boxes on their list that I'm not checking, but I can honestly get on my knees at night and still commune with God and know that He is listening and that He cares.  Those conversations can get a little pointed and full of frustration, but I know He knows the inner depths of my heart and what I REALLY want in life. 
  • I regularly lose sleep over how I will make ends meet and because of that I will NOT be a non-working housewife.  I just won't.  I can't do that to a man because I know firsthand the stress that it entails and if it means that I work 2 nights at the mall or have an at-home business, then I will do it.  I absolutely will NEVER be a financial burden.  That's just not how I roll. 
I could probably go on and on with the list, but I'll end.  Why play all my cards on my blog?  The point of all of this is, my hair doesn't define me, but it definitely plays a big part in who I am.  They've done lots of studies on the genetics of redheads and it's proven that we have a higher tolerance to pain (holding off on child birth to prove that) and loose ligaments (just ask my chiropractor) and I don't know a redhead who isn't feisty as hell at times.  BUT!  We are human just like the rest of ya and to that lucky man who will eventually win my heart and convince me to share a life with him I say, "you get one chance to fall madly in love with a redhead....make it count."  

The moral of the story:  redheads are human.  (Gasp)

Until next time, my lovelies!