Friday Fashion Feature!

Each week I will do a fashion feature of some kind. This week is all about repurposing vintage clothing. I LOVE thrifting. Well, now I do. It wasn't my favorite as a kid because the secondhand store in my hometown smelled funny and people made fun of used stuff. But now, I find it to be a game to see if people notice if my outfit includes something thrifted because it almost always does. And I like it that way. 

This dress was found at the Deseret Industries in Pocatello, Idaho. I met my friend that day for some lunch and much need bestie recharge time. And as we usually do, we ended up at DI. This dress is probably circa 1974 and quite the gem in its original form. However due to some gifted goods up top and some propriety, I knew I would never go in public wearing it that way. But I could not let the idea of making it into a skirt go. 

I am a designer at heart. I can see outfits in my head days in advance. You throw me in a room and I'm rearranging it in my head to be asthetically pleasing. I just think that way. I also have no patience and anything past a straight line with a sewing machine and I turn into a vulgar villain and give up. So ya, this girl has had a seamstress on call in every place she's lived. My current seamstress is my neighbor and when I took the dress to her I said, "chop off the ugly top, leave the elastic and put a finishing edge on it that looks like curtains." And she did. 

The completed outfit shown on the right was my Easter dress and I felt like a million bucks. The vintage flair plus my own style was just fabulous. 

This dress (deemed my "Lucy dress") was also turned into a skirt that I still wear even after 10 years. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! This blogging stuff isn't so bad. I'll be off the grid with family and running away by myself for a sunshine getaway on Sunday. But Monday has a fab post coming! 

Until next time, my lovelies!


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  1. The pic of you in the bottom is adorable! And I'm still scared of thrift because of the smell...