Hunting and Fishing

In true #tbt form and because my last posts have been pretty heavy, it's time to laugh and remember yesteryear. 

The year was 2001. The month was August. The bags were packed and a small town girl was leavin on a jet plane to the land of the unknown: college. Away from home college. Virginia. Aw sweet har raising, sweaty-humid Virginia. 

In order to fly anywhere normal and semi-civilized from Montana one must connect in Salt Lake. And in those days (like I'm ancient) there were about 3 direct flights on Delta and they were morning, noon and nightish. Upon arriving at the airport I would usually head to the newsy store to purchase a mag and a snack. But this time, I decided to look at the books. Airports keep the New York Times Bestsellers stocked and this book JUMPED out at me. A girl in a red coat with cute boots?! The book has to be good! And with a title referencing hunting and fishing? How in the hell could I not buy it???! Little did I know. Best. Book. Ever. And funny. And random. And not about hunter orange anything. Thank GOOODNESS. I read that book from cover to cover in a few days and it definitely taught me a few things. Like how to be sarcastic as hell (didn't need much help) and that falling in love isn't about loving the obvious choice because of age, means, religious background, list of habits, list of quirks. It's about loving the person that makes you laugh and challenges you and helps you feel sexy. 

Melissa Bank's style of writing had me laughing in one chapter and tears in the next and taking notes in the next. By the end of the book I was so all over the place that when she brought it full circle as to why she titled it what she titled it, I CHEERED!!! 

I can still see myself sitting on the lavish front porch of the Hall I lived in giggling like a giddy girl as I read about Archie and Jules and their parties in the study.... good stuff. 

I've read it at least once a year since the day I bought it and I have two copies: one to share and one to keep nice.  Throughout the book there are snippets of wisdom. This is one of my favorites. 

Read it. You'll be glad you did. And just remember: we all have an Archie in our life. I did. And he was and probably still is my secret love.

Until next time, my lovelies!



  1. I'm so getting this next time I go to the library! I just adore you fyi!

  2. Wow okay, you made me wanna read it! I'm going to buy this straight away!