Gettin lucky.

I've been in a very emotional place since last week. There are changes in the career and quite frankly it has been damn freaking hard. But, I have been blessed in countless measures and it's about time I talk about getting lucky. 

One of my crowning "finds" in my previous career role was a little place called Lucky Slice Pizza. From the first meeting these three snow-lovin, pizza-tossin guys had me laughing. And stuffing my face with carbs. I'm not going  to get super sappy because it's not the chill way, but I could go on for days. When you find a company that contributes countless ways to the community, makes pizza with drizzled ricotta on Fridays (Bianca!) and a partner has the logo tattooed on his bicep, you know it's legit.

This week I had lunch with some business connections at Lucky Slice and our conversation led to some really good leads that left my heart feeling happy. When I told my friend, one of the owners, about it he said, "I'm glad it's lucky for someone." Indeed it is. What I love the most about LSP is the feeling of peace, love, pizza. That's their tag line and the point but it's real. I was on a date there this winter and another couple ate with us because there was limited seating. And it was delightful.

I have seen all facets of this business and the brains who run it and I'm a big fan. It's not about the pizza. It's about the people and how life can be lucky. 

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