If It Is Meant To Be...

It's time for some more fashion philosophy a la Raylynn. This installment of wisdom boils down to one sentence... 

If it is meant to be, it will still be there waiting for you on the sales rack in 3 months.

Now, you may scoff or roll your eyes at this advice, but it is TRUE!!!! I rarely pay for things full price, unless I know I can make at least 5 outfits. We've discussed that previously. So.... Here is the deal. I love Macy's; like HEART in red permanent marker on my forehead LOVE Macy's. And I also love their clearance. If you can master the timeline of clearance at Macy's you are set!!! I'm here to tell ya that the quality of clothing at Macy's clearance for the cost, many times, is LOWER than Target. How could you resist? 

The second store that I would say falls in my I HEART YOU category is The Gap. Oh man, we won't get into how many rewards I've earned from that place using the very unholy and colorful credit card. Since moving to the 'hood I've only been close to a Factory Store which could be a good or bad thing, depending on the day. Generally I don't go there unless I have a specific need because the selection and styles, as of late, aren't my favorite. But, I will ALWAYS love Gap denim and only go there for jeans. 

This past weekend my friend needed some cute new outfits for her trip to the NoCal coast. She had a coupon to the Gap Factory store so we went. Truly I needed nothing ... Well, actually I needed a couple basic tees but that was it. As we moseyed our way over to clearance I saw an adorable dress in my favorite color combo: mint and navy blue. When I pulled it out to check the tag for the size I saw the price.....

Were my eyes deceiving me!?????!! Like for reals, was this adorable dress ONLY $1.97??? YEP. It was. I will neither admit not deny whether or not I did a Chandler Bing happy dance in the dressing room when it fit perfectly. Given the nonsense I've been facing in other areas of my life, I felt it was a personal victory to find something so wonderful for such a low price. And based on the pricing of each item in the outfit (minus my rings), everything was under 20 bucks. WINNING!! Here are the specifics;

Dress: The Gap Outlet store $1.97
Leggings: Target $7 (on sale)
Necklace: Hiyaypapaya closet $2
Shoes: Deseret Industries $6 (basically new)

The moral of the story: wait for it. And if it's meant to be and you still love it when you go back in 3 months, BUY it!!! Otherwise, walk away. 

Until next time my lovelies.


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