Don't mess with the mamma bear.

A number of years ago I was asked the following question in a job interview, "if you could be any animal what would it be and why?" Without much hesitation I answered mamma bear. And my reasoning was I'm fearcely protective of the people I love, whether they are family members, friends or people on my team at work.  Don't mess with my Cubs, unless you want a good solid ass whooping. Like seriously. Don't.

Earlier this week I was having a conversation with someone and it came up that I wasn't a mother yet. I always hate these conversations because it seems to be a token of definition here in Utah whether or not a female has pushed a watermelon out of a garden hose.This conversation happened to be with someone who is a therapist for teenage girls and it spurred my need to elaborate more than normal. 

I told him that after I turned 30 I decided that I wasn't going to let the cultural labels of childless vs. mother define me and that I would channel my deep desire to be a mom through other venues. When I moved to Ogden I was strongly encouraged to get involved with non-profit organizations in the community. We were advised to be involved in something that we were passionate about so there would be motivation to continue. I knew I wanted to be involved with something that helped women and/or children.

I was introduced to the Weber-Morgan Children's Justice Center. My co-worker at the time  is the chairman of the board and I quickly learned that this organization was something special. I volunteered for their annual gala and then this year I helped as well. Since I have changed jobs I now have more free time and it is even more critical to be involved in the community. I'm thrilled to announce that I've been asked to be on the board and will be official this week! I'm so stinkin excited!! This organization is absolutely critical in the law enforcement world because it provides a safe place for kids to come and play and thereby talk with private investigators as they play together. On Saturday they had an event called the Ride for Justice. It was all sorts of biker going on and quite humbling. And you bet your buttons I had on my service Sanuks and a cute outfit!

The best part was the processional of bikes revved up and ready to leave. As I watched them leave I got choked up because I knew what was the common denominator in this ... People who all support a cause that helps the little people. And then my mamma bear kicked in and I had the overwhelming feeling of, "if anyone anyone anyone ever laid a finger on my little loves I would KILL them." And then I came full circle; in that my involvement with this organization is filling my mommy  void and I love it. And I may never see those victims face-to-face, but I've been where they have been and I can feel the connection. 

I feel so blessed to call this random 'hood my home sweet home. I ended the day on a balcony in downtown Ogden looking over the roof tops and basking in the beauty. I am lucky as ever to be here and involved in such wonderful organizations.

The moral of the story: my life may not be what some think it should be, based on whether or not I have offspring to brag about, but I sure as hell am a mamma bear at heart and will do whatever I can to defend and protect those littles. 

Until next time, my lovelies!


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