Cancer sucks. That is all.

Since I started beYOUdesignsut, I've  always known that at some point I would have a campaign that involved my tag line "perfectly imperfect" and the proceeds would go to charity.  As my favorite month of the year approaches, I am reminded that it is high time to talk about how much cancer sucks.  

It's not often that someone can say their grandmothers had cancer at the same time.  Well, this girl can say it.  I don't know how we got so lucky to experience that from both sides, but we did.  For me it was definitely a rude awakening that, genetically speaking, I'm getting the bitchy end of that deal, from all angles.  My paternal grandmother lost the battle and my maternal grandmother has won (so far).  I remember the immense struggle my paternal grandmother went through when she lost her hair.  She had never colored her hair a day in her life and it was not gray.  However, after she completed her chemo-therapy it grew back gray and feathery and was awful looking.  She was devastated.  And this was a woman who refused to have breast reconstruction and wouldn't wear the special bras, but was never the same about her hair.  My maternal grandmother, on the other hand, didn't lose all of her hair, it only thinned.  And she cracked me up one day as I was watching her get ready before a chemo appointment, and she says, "cancer hasn't been that bad on my hair, in fact it's thinned it and now it's more manageable!" Aw, the differing perspectives and attitudes. 

I know of another sweet family who is holding on to their mamma tight as she battles a rare type of liver cancer.  Through a hashtag revolution #kuuscourage, they have fought hard to face life with a smile, lots of prayers, and infinite amounts of love. 

And last, but certainly not least are my dearest wonderful friends, Clint and Kamille.  Clint has defied the odds over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.  They continue to show great faith in their fight for life, but continue to live and love. 

So, what do all of these stories have to do with my campaign?  Do you think that my grandma went to bed every day, after her hair grew back, feeling like a champ?  NOPE.  Do you think she accepted that she would never be able to have my grandpa put her hair in rollers?  NOPE.  When you read Kuu's story or look at her instagram feed you will see that this woman once had gorgeous, long dark hair and is now a beautiful bald woman.  And let us not forget that Clint, who is my age (a strappin mid-30's hunk) is now Kamille's silver fox husband because his hair has changed colors with the chemo.  Image is on the outside only and I know that, but it never gets easier to look in the mirror and accept that you're not going to be perfect again.

I have recently been introduced to a Utah-based non-profit called Image Reborn.  It is pretty freaking incredible.  On their website, the mission statement reads, "Our mission is to provide no-cost healing retreats to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The focus is on encouraging women to reclaim their sense of personal power and to strengthen them in their journey toward healing on all levels and living fully.  Image Reborn's Living Beyond Breast Cancer program is designed and facilitated by a highly professional staff with backgrounds and experience in addressing the special concerns of women with breast cancer.  The retreats are offered at no charge to participants, once they arrive in Utah." 

So the plan that is in the works... Tshirts with the above writing on them. Because I'm a business banker at heart I'm always concerned about the price margin as well as the amount that can be given to charity. My question for my readers.... If it was a quality shirt and the price was $20 + s & h, would you pay that? I want this to be awesome and I want it to be something my fans and your friends will wear! Please comment below! I want feedback!

The moral of the story: cancer may change your insides and your outsides, but it can't kill your attitude. Keep the sunshine going strong!

Until next time my lovelies!!


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