Embrace the geek.

Well the blog famine hath ended.

First of all, there is life outside of banking. Praise The Lord! I have the BEST job now and it has allowed me to have flexibility and creativity that I was deeply craving. I am forever grateful to the Ethel in my life aka Sarah B for feeding me and putting up with me during some of my most difficult days of my career. In the midst of her feeding and dealing with me she managed to bring out my geek. I was already flying some of my geek flag with The Big Bang Theory, but she has reallllllllllly brought it out. AnnnnnnD now let's talk Who. Doctor Who? Exactly. Lame joke. 

As a culmination of the flocking geekery, where do people generally go to find the rest of their nut job flock? They go to .... COMIC CON.  So imagine my surprise when Sarah told me that our mutual friend could get us free tickets to Salt Lake's Comic Con? Uh ya. It didn't exist. But then they announced that Simon Helberg from The Big Bang Theory was going to attend. And I was hooked. 

For anyone who has ever been stranded in an international airport you'll understand that droves and droves of ancy smelly people can make one twitch. Well times that by 10 and add in a few too many slutty fairies and tubby Trekkies and that about sums up the day. Now don't get me wrong, we had fun, but we(ME) had the most fun because we had VIP access and strolled right in to the panels in front of the crazies times 10. Refer to photo nĂºmero 1 above. It was EPIC.

There were three things that I remembered the most.

-Simon Helberg said in his panel, "when you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life."

-Stephen Amell, who is SMOKIN HOT, talked about why he does so much for charity. He said that he does it because he can. And he controls all of his own social media so he can still have control over contact with his fans. He was simply amazing. And SMOKIN HOT.

-We stood in line for seriously an hour just to get our picture taken with the Tardis (Doctor Who). It was at the end of the day and I was beyond done. But, I needed to do it because I've taken a liking to the show, but also to send to my sister who is a HUGE fan. While we were waiting, the line got held up and before we knew it a little guy was being presented as the newest time lord and the crowd was cheering. He had asked for a Doctor Who experience with the Make a Wish Foundation and it ended at Comic Con. It melted my heart. Nothing compares with having your child live a long life, but I love what Make a Wish does for kids and their families when premature death is inevitable.

All in all, the day of flying my geek flag wasn't horrible. And really I am SO grateful for my geeky Ethel who has kept me laughing and nourished during the dark days of stupidness on the job front. 

The moral of the story: fly that geek flag, bitches!

Until next time, my lovelies! 


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