1988 called. . .

It's been way too long since I had a fashion feature. I'm happy to be back in a routine and feel some normalcy because it helps my fashion mojo too. So let's talk about this pink ditty.

If you've been reading my blog since the beginning you know that I love a good thrift find. I especially enjoy the finds that are unexpected and completely ridiculous at first sight. And then if it fits I consider it a fashion challenge to make it my look and not ridiculous. It's a twisted delightful train of thought. Remember the Michael Kors meets Calvin Klein meets Moo Moo outfit

So when I found this dress at Deseret Industries I giggled a little and thought 'this will never fit.' And maybe checked my phone to see if 1988 had called. Nope, they didn't. Well it fit and it looked awesome, but I didn't have the right jewelry. When I wear something this random I have to have crazy jewelry so that it is my look. I couldn't settle on anything in my collection so the dress hung in my closet for a couple of months.  I had seen some chunky necklaces at a few stores but couldn't ever settle. To make a long (and super silly) story short I finally decided to wear the red chunky necklace that I bought from Chic Style Utah last year. It is one my favorite pieces from my collection. Generally pink and red don't go together but I just felt it. I had planned on a different black belt but was having a plumpy day so I switched to the wide belt. And what makes a bitchin outfit? RED. SHOES. I was also wearing sparkly bow earrings and suddenly it had a Betsey Johnson feel. Such a fun ensemble.  I've had an extremely challenging self esteem week so it boosted my spirits to look random and cute! So now I won't be purchasing different jewelry and will wear it this way every time. Trend set. Check and check.

The moral of the story: 1988 may be on the brink of phoning in, but I created a look that NO ONE else has and it was awesome. We can all do that in every aspect of our life. 

Have a great week & until next time, my lovelies!


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