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Social media is so great and I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from the lovely girls at LuLaRoe: Crystal Vaughn VIP  asking if I would feature their clothing on my bloggy blog.  It's been a long time since I've had a good reason to talk fashion, but let me tell you what, LuLaRoe is a FABULOUS reason!  And to top it all off, I get to offer you the sweetest giveaway for $40 in Lula cash so you can buy your own!  It's a Win/Win! Keep on reading and find out why I am the newest super fan of LuLaRoe.
For those of you who have been faithful readers from the beginning (bless you), you know that I love fashion, but I don't do trendy.  I love different, bold and comfortable.  Sometimes those three requirements are hard to accomplish in one piece of clothing.  However, I was able to achieve that with the maxi skirt and sassy leggings that Emily sent me.  First we will talk about this skirt and two of my favorite words: polka dots.
The maxi skirt is a great quality cotton.  It's also bright and turns heads.  I loved it from the moment I tried it on.  The skirt can also double as a tube dress, but I kept it in traditional form for this photo shoot and review.  Versatility and durability are a big deal for me and I can already tell that this cotton will stand the test of time....or in my case.....lots of days wearing it for more occasions than a couple of hours in church.  I live in maxi skirts during all seasons so I want it to last forever; especially if it's really cute!
Another really important element for me in a piece of clothing is its ability to be multi-seasonal.  This skirt definitely fits the bill with its deep navy and mustard polka dots.  A true crossover skirt that looked totally amazing with the fall foliage of East Idaho as its backdrop, but I know I will be able to rock it next spring and summer.
Final thoughts on the maxi skirt?  Two thumbs up and a bit of silly kissy face!  Sign up on their Facebook page to get your own maxi skirt in a pattern that fits your style as well as this did mine.

Next were these magnificent, hot pink leggings!  I am in love with them! I live for different and I also love pattern & pattern so we went full throttle with this outfit!  The top is a thrift store find and the shoes are Clarks wedges that I bought on clearance last month while on a weekend getaway in Driggs, Idaho.
When I agreed to feature LuLaRoe, I was very skeptical about the leggings.  I'm curvy and even curvier than I was last year and I generally opt for no leggings while out shopping because it's just depressing to try them on.  Who needs the reminder that there are a few extra curves and padding in all the wrong places?  Well, these leggings surprised me!  As soon as I put them on, I was in heaven.  My neighbor has a collection of LuLaRoe leggings and she swears by them for their comfort, quality of cotton (again) and their killer prints!  I too have fallen in love with these leggings and I have 3 more pair ordered and headed my way in the mail!  No sale is ever the same so you never know what is going to be available for purchase.  Depending on how adventurous you are, that can be a pro and a con.  I was grateful to find these pink beauties because they are SO much my style and personality.  I mean.....how can I not pose for a picture like this when wearing print and print?
I was so pleased with these leggings and can't wait to pair them with other fun tunics in my closet.  They are the kind of leggings that force people to stop and say, "where did you get those fabulous leggings?" I will gladly say that I got them from LulaRoe Crystal Vaughn VIP
What I love the most about LuLaRoe besides the obvious quality, is the selection of prints that scream "just be you and rock that look!" That is totally my jam and I will gladly keep these in my closet for years to come! And now that I've talked your face off with all the benefits of LuLaRoe, I think you better sign up for $40 in free LuLa cash from Emily and her team!  If you're anything like me you'll want it all!  

The moral of the story: sassy fashion is for all shapes and sizes and with a little effort, you too can find a clothing line that shows your true personality!  

Until next time, my lovelies!

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  1. This is fabulous! Thanks for providing such fun options for women with any and all body types! I'm sold!

  2. Love the skirt. Don't think I an brave enough to wear hot pink pants, but maybe another pattern.

  3. I love my LuLaRoe leggings and would love to try the Ana dress!

  4. These images are so cute, love all the different poses.